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The following are some unsolicited comments from our members, guests & visitors to our website.

Thanks for all the hard work you guy’s do. It is the best owner’s website out there, and a tremendous help to all of us.

J & C

Within the last two weeks, this group has saved me around $1,000 dollar's. I found out my Carefree of Colorado Awning had a 4 year warranty rather than a 1 year that is posted on their web site. And yes it was the motor assembly which I think is around $800 plus labor to install...my cost zero...thanks TiffinRVNetwork.
Last night after getting the rig home, I went through a last minute test of systems and no AC...blowers...nope nothing and it was 99 degrees inside. I checked every fuse and circuit breaker...all test OK. So in desperation I came inside and searched TRVN for AC not working and presto...there it was...check the Genset circuit breaker on the Onan. That was too simple...but THAT WAS IT! I had washed the Onan last week and my power washer must have moved that breaker...how cool my AC felt...now tonight we are off for the the Black Hills.
My $50 contribution to this group has re-paid itself many times over!


This user group is invaluable for such a complex set of systems in our motorhomes.


You guys are the most respected resource and are referenced on many RV sites. Thanks for what you do!

S & B

This is the BEST web site for RV information I have found...Period...
I left my donation through PayPal and I am looking forward to finding the answers to more of my questions. I like to do what ever I can on my Bus and this site is really help full.
I posted "how to get digital camera pictures on the Front TV" and got directions on how to remove the Front TV and and hook everything up in a day. My dealer wouldn't even tell me how.
I just found this site a week ago and love it.


I would also like to express my thanks for the work that you do to make the TRVN web site the informative information center that it is. I joined just six months ago and have enjoyed the many articles and helpful hints a great deal.

TMH should also be extremely grateful to TRVN because of the amount and quality of information that is readily available from the site would fall on their shoulders.

TRVN is one of the major reasons that Kathy and I decided on purchasing a Tiffin product even though it was used. Backup support is very important to me as the motor home manufacturers go thru a difficult period as demonstrated by the closing of the many well known brands.


Thanks for all your good work maintaining the best RV info site on the web.

R & K

Just couldn't do without this site. So much more informative and member friendly than any other site.

G & L

where can you buy an Encyclopedia set, a complete set of Manuals for any Tiffin product, instant access to a host of questions/answers, and great entertainment for so little?? ... my hat's off to all of you who keep this great site available to all of us ... thank you

D & S

I am new to forum. I plan to buy a 2009 Zephyr or Allegro bus. I am overwhelmed with this forum and the information contained therein. I thank you moderators for what you do to keep the communication civil and resourceful. I can’t say enough about how this forum has swayed me, to commit to Tiffin over Newmar.


The information at your website is exceptional, I feel I have already gotten my monies worth, you and the others that help should be very proud of what you have accomplished.

P & M

I've not been a member very long, but this is by far the very best RV site I have yet to find.
We have been motor home people sense 1972, and a PROUD Tiffin owner for a while.
I knew nothing about the TRVN until May of this year. A fellow owner let me in on it at RB. I will always be in his debt. Our small donation is in the mail and will be every year here after. Hopefully we will be able to increase it a little every year.

M & C

Thank you for your time and effort you take to keep this network going, and all of the info that it provides. Myself and T are being well-informed as to the who, what, where, why and how matrices pertaining to our incoming Tiffin product and basic information pertaining to RVing in general. No need to re-invent the wheel and this Network is of immeasurable value to us. I am a paying member of many motorcycle and auto clubs and they don't give me near as much info or support than this network provides us (and to think that I don't even have the rig yet!). The forums and comments that other members provides is worth every penny of the donation! All Terri and I can say is....See you on the road! By the way, our RVs License Tag hopes to read ROADTRP (thought of by our 7yr old daughter who loves RAVEN of The Disney Channel)! Can't wait to push our Phaeton 40 QTH down the road and see America up close and personal!

N & T

First let me say this is quite a forum. Many questions I had I found the answers to by reading the many topics.
I Could not go to Red Bay to watch the Birth of a Phaeton we are still working. Thanks to this forum we have many pictures.
Thanks for a great forum

J & L

You are without a doubt the best site around. Thanks for your time.


Great site guys, highest quality & a great attitude!

A & J

My wife and I joined while researching which motor home to purchase. This site is head and shoulders above the rest and was instrumental in our deciding to purchase a Tiffin product.

Thanks for all that you all do for all of us that are still learning!

S & B

This the most useful, valuable forum I ever have seen

Bob & Diana

As a new member of TRVN, the information available has proven invaluable, and clearly helped us make the right choice in a new motor home. Thanks for running an excellent Network, and to all of the volunteers who "make it work"


Can't tell you what a blessing this site is to new RVer's like us.

D & D

This site has been invaluable and a special thanks to everyone who has been quick to respond to my questions. Clearly one of the best forums I have seen.

D & ML

we spent several months researching RVs before placing our order in September and the information available in this forum played a significant role in our decision. A sincere thank you to the managers and members of the forum for the wide ranging and candid discussions of the various TMH products.


In the few weeks that I've been reading the posts, we've developed a strategy which should save us thousands of dollars when we purchase our new coach. TiffinRVNetwork is an invaluable source and we want to support its efforts.

How's that saying go?  A new Allegro Bay - $120ish,  TiffinRVNetwork.com - priceless!!


I have to give you GREAT Praise on the RV TECH Library !!!!!!!
I thought it was very good as I scanned it, but, when I started to open
each of the Sub levels of each of the categories, WHAT a GREAT Surprise of information available. Nice Job on the Whole Web Site !!!!

Jim C

This is a great site, and I thank all of the folks who support this network. Each of the Admin's response are so resourceful and enlightening. You other guys give me information for thought and solutions to situations that I didn't know I had or would have. I've been full timing for over 6 years and still learn so much on this site.


This forum sets a high benchmark for others to emulate. For the Administrators, keep up the great work!


This wonderful website is outstanding. Keep up the great work. And the best part. so many great folks with helping ideas

Dan & Dee

This a great advantage having the Forum to bounce things off of. There is just one heck of a lot of information being put out about our coaches on this Forum and sifting through it and making sense out of it, can be a chore. It does make it easier having all that experience out there. Thanks again


This forum has been priceless.   It is impossible to put a dollar value on the information and help we have received from this forum.

Ownership of our Bus would have been far more difficult without the forum and we firmly believe every reader should contribute whatever they can to help pay the operating costs.


You folks keeping this going are the best thing going for Tiffin owners and show owners of other rigs that your site is one of the reasons to consider buying Tiffin. I don't think Bob and his sons appreciate just how much you help sell their product.
While the uninitiated are surprised at how many things can go wrong on a coach, they only have to visit sites dedicated to other manufacturers products to see they can't get the counsel and help TiffinRVNetwork provides. Keep up the terrific work!!!


So often, with other forums, things degenerate into a free for all with name calling, bad feelings and very little resolved. Due in no small part to the people who moderate this board, that does not seem to happen here. As I try and decide what my next coach should be, the work done by those who monitor this forum make things much better. No coach is perfect but from what I have seen on the TiffinRVNetwork you sure learn a lot more here than on some place like RV.Net. You help make it that way and I wanted you to know that what you do is appreciated by those of us who read the posts as we try and educate ourselves and make the best decision as to what coach we should buy.


Trying to configure a coach order is more of a challenge than we first time buyers) anticipated. I cannot thank the members of this network enough for their advice, critiques and willingness to call things "as they are." You prove that individuals can be honest, informative and disagree without being disagreeable. I've been a member of many discussion groups (military, sailing, aviation, etc) and never been on a network that is more professionally organized and helpful. We look forward to continued discussions and eventually meeting many of you "on the road."

Again our thanks.

Tom & Lynn


Absolutely No Affiliation exists between this group and Tiffin Motor Homes Inc. or Allegro Club. This website neither endorses or discourages the use or purchase of a Tiffin product. All references, suggestions, comments, etc. contained herein are the opinions/experiences of the posters and not those of Tiffin Motor Homes Inc, Allegro Club or the website administrators.

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